Hollywould and Christine Dupree Leave My Boyfriend Alone! [SlammCreations]

SlammCreations Video

Christine promised revenge when Holly tied her up and tickled her while trying to get Christine’s sexy bikini.&nbsp, Now, it’s payback time!Christine throws Holly onto the couch.&nbsp, Holly’s wrists are bound, and she wears denim shorts.&nbsp, Her feet and legs are bare, and as Christine discovers, she&rsquo,s very ticklish.&nbsp, Christine starts tickling Holly soles, and all Holly can do is laugh!В  Christine does her best to pin Holly downВ  And all of Holly’s efforts at escape just allow Christine more targets to tickle.&nbsp, Holly&rsquo,s feet are the primary tickle targets, and Christine uses her strong legs to hold those feet where her fluttering fingertips can get at them.&nbsp, A tickle attack on the ribs leaves Holly breathless.&nbsp, Then, Christine ties Holly&rsquo,s feet, and the tickling of her soles begins anew.&nbsp, Apparently, Holly also has been flirting with Christine’s boyfriendВ  So, Christine uses her superior leg scissor power to hold Holly’s feet so she can concentrate on tormenting the soles.&nbsp, In between laughs, Holly promises to leave Christine&rsquo,s boyfriend alone&hellip,Both ladies are barefoot, and Holly&rsquo,s magnificent feet are on close-up display!